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We need it for counting, ABC’s, storytelling, musical scales, and more.

One of the many things we work on in Kindermusik. And over the last week I’ve been highlighting the skill.

In counting different developmental levels need different focus.

We also stimulate development of sequencing through story books (in all levels) and learning to create and tell our own stories (starting in Level 3).

One of my favorite ways to stimulate sequencing is through song play. This month we explored a finger play called 5 Eggs (obviously with a focus on numbers), ball play with a song called Clever Cows (with a focus on the musical major scale), and what I will explain in the following videos .

We used this song throughout the spring in a variety of ways… rocking, creative pretend play (coming up with our own animals), and finally like in the video highlightinf the sequencing.

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