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  • Sally Dancy

Snow Storm 2021

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Snow at the studio Valentine’s/ President’s Day storm of 2021. Hope everyone is safe & warm. here are aome photos

we have about 5 inches of snow with drifts of a foot

everything is beautiful

but it is also dangerous

can’t see the roads

don’t have water- the well froze (something that’s never happened before) but no worries we have lots of snow for water 😜

with internet spotty and all we’re dealing with the water/well may be a day or so before I can help fix any Kindermusik issues.

well the week just gets more interesting

with ice and injuries. So even virtual classes are canceled this week.

But the final snow fall gave us a beautiful memory to focus on. We faired better than most with a combination of stored equi, experience, and A Lot of Luck. Leaving is with the thought, “luck favors the prepared” which is one of my favors quotes from Disney’s Incredibles.


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