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Spring AtHome activities

Updated: Jun 5

Kindermusik supports parents, caregivers, children at home as well as in class.

You can stream music, books, activities even digital instruments for your level on your account on the Kindermusik App, .

I also provide developmental information & developmental activities to take home from class. So you don’t have to remember all the information I also have some Kindermusik fliers available.

In class we often talk about how children learn through their bodies. Here are 3 of our posters - moving our bodies in different & creative ways; different positions/perspectives for baby to experience world, different parts of the brain which activities support them and development.

At DiscoveryMeadowStudio I have a library of supplies (CD’s, books, playsets, crafts, etc) that are designed to go with our curricula.

This month I suggest theses from my library…

Here’s an activity to go along with the song Hush Little Baby…

Below I have the fliers for April & May, also some DiscoveryMeadowStudio crafts listed by Level. Note: the activities for special events on May 17-23 will be posted after the events are over.

Foundations: For Families for infants and babies…

Level 1: families with older babies & young toddlers…

Level 2: For families with children from

1-3 all toddlers…

Level 3: For families with preschoolers 2-5yos…

Level 3-5: Families with older PreK, K, early elementary

Here is a video of the activities I had for the end of spring celebration

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