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Spring Presentation

Updated: May 8

Every year I try to have at least one presentation every spring & fall (if I have enough older kids in my program). This spring we were inspired by our farm den activities, bugs, birds, and Mozart’s the Magic Flute to explore our favorites and create our own story to share with family.

Our birds and bugs and dragons and fairies will presenting our creations & favorites on…

May 10th 6pm (please have kids there by 5:30 so we can settle before starting).

The costumes, masks, props we made in class will be at the studio already however if your child wishes to wear a favorite costume from home that is ok. Otherwise please have your child wear a pair or leggings & shirt of one color (any one color, preferably no graphics or prints for beat display of your children’s wings that they made).

We will practice run through a in each regular class and finish up any projects before & after class time.

Here is a preview of some of the great art

Some of the wings the kids made

Some of th hat masks, beaks, that they made

As the great #jimhenson says…

Some pictures of past presentations…

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