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Streaming Kindermusik resources

Updated: Aug 31, 2022

Note: I will be updating website, older posts, etc this month (have mercy it’s a lot to go through)

Remember to use Kindermusik’s system for streaming music and books!!

Kindermusik’s online system is now an all streaming platform. Kindermusik has a app that is free in apple and android app stores. The app has some content available free for all… music, stories, videos with parenting info & activity ideas, and digital instruments. When you are actively registered & enrolled for classes you will also have access to a whole group of albums and books designed to coordinate with our themes and your child’s class level.

Kindermusik’s website is also being updated to be more user friendly and modern. While doing this Kindermusik is also evaluating all old on-line information to make sure it is current.

I will have paper activities, info, links, to use at home (or view on my blog, private Facebook group) and I’ll try to post some fun activities here too. KI is always updating their system giving us new and more modern tools. We look forward to updated material being posted as it becomes available.

Here are some find and seek from KI…

(More seek & finds at bottom)

Contact me to pick up supplies for craft activities to take home…

More seek & find

Below are some ideas from KI if you have babies at home😊

Level 0- Foundation ideas for AtHome:

1. Babies develop fine-motor skills through object play with instruments. Try these tips at home.

2. Have you heard about the best plaything for your baby’s development and long-term achievement? Hint: You can’t find it in any store.

3. “Play is the highest form of research.” – Albert Einstein

4. 3 musical learning games that support your baby’s sight and touch coordination.

5. Did you know that during a child’s first year, play can be divided into two main categories—social play and object play?

Level 1 links & ideas for AtHome:

1. “Music is the sensation of counting without being aware you were counting.” – Gottfried Leibniz, 17th Century German mathematician

2. Early experiences with music help prepare children to be successful in other areas of learning, including math. Download this free Kindermusik eBook, “Music and…Math” for fun, practical ideas to support your child’s math development through music.

3. Did you know that the students with the highest math scores in first grade could also recite and count to 20 while in preschool?

5. Parenting Tip: Tap into your toddler’s love of games to create easier transitions from one activity to another. Invite your child to play the “1, 2, 3, Count with Me!” game as you count together how many toys to put away, how many steps it takes to get to the bathtub, or even how many people need a plate for dinner.  

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