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Studio Notes & Awards

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

Our studio has been awarded 2 badges from Credulity- one for being fully accredited and one for being a top 2022 program.

I had a wonderful time during my vacation slash training - hope you did too.

I spent some time in training & connecting with other Kindermusik educators, saw some great baseball, mountains, museums, and had some great ice cream. Now I’m getting things ready for the second half of the summer and the fall.

June & July notices: all current classes will be continuing through Aug & the begining of Sept. Fall classes will be posted on Aug 1st (some are already up the rest soon). For any Aug only classes please check your e-mail & text for a personal note about your class. For anyone who signed up for a single month in June or July I will also be contacting you this week with your options.

Reminder of current summer schedule...

Tuesdays in NewBraunfels: 10:30am mixed-age; noon babies; 9:15am on hold; 5:30pm on hold; contact me personally for Level 4or Musicians info

Wednesdays in Cibolo: 10:15am mixed-age; 12:15pm babies; 4pm Level4 & Musicians prerequisite; 9:30 on hold; 6pn on hold

Thursdays in Cibolo: 10:30am mixed-age (1-3yos); 6pm mixed-age (0-2yos); 9:30am on hold; noon on hold; contact me personally for L3-5 or Musicians info

2nd half of the summer (and/or trials & makeups) Aug 1- Sept18 with a holiday/off week Aug25-Sept4

Fall starts in Sept... we'll have trials, makeups, & extra/special classes Sept 5-18 (as space is available) with Fall term officially starting Sept 20- Jan 9 (with holidays/off weeks for Thanksgiving, Christmas, Newyears).

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