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  • Sally Dancy

the real training for patience

Parenting!! Or bringing back a program from a pandemic.

Oh boy it’s getting busy again!!

I try to post at least once a week and this week I almost missed out. sometimes the week goes by so fast. And then other times I feel like the parent of a toddler again… waiting for them to put their own shoes on🙄⏳

Incidentally, my middle child was a master at teaching me patience. Even as an adult he takes 5 minutes to put on his shoes- you should have seen him as a young kid 😳. Love to hear your stories of patience training by your kids- add them to the comment section.

Kindermusik is a community of parents. All kinds of parents and caregivers. We are a diverse community that tries to celebrate and support each other. We don’t always agree but we all know how hard the job is. I strive to create a safe space for a variety of children AND a variety of parents/caregivers.

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