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  • Sally Dancy

Themes Not just Fun, Help prepare

Over the last month our themes included exploring foods, parades, fireworks, and traveling…. This isn’t just about having fun corrdinated with our holidays (although we did do that)- it’s also about giving caregivers and children support!

During certain times of year some activities are more likely and often come with challenges with littles. Pretending and practicing for the novel activity helps both child and adult - creating shared vocabulary & knowledge, practicing behavior & skills, limiting problems that come with unfamiliar situations.

For example most classes explored loud & quiet in June. This is an important concept both for sensory learning and for learning music specifically but the activities were also designed to prepare for events like fireworks & parades which often have sudden loud sounds. During these activities we also talked about how to protect little ears and manage big feelings. And families also left class with ideas on songs, pretend play, & crafts for home. All the fun has a purpose to support the development of your child and your parenting/caregiving journey.

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