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Sharing the calm, talking to kids& handing ourselves

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Our children need us to share our calm

Below I will post some Links, ideas, etc to help us talk to the kids and handle this unusual situation.

First remember Kindermusik International and KindermusikbySally is here for families. We have online assets you can use to help your family through this. See my ‘tool box’ post for more info on at home kindermusik activities. And an older post called ‘Happy Healthy’ for the hand washing song we’ve been using in class.

Here is what I think is a good list on how to talk to your children about intense and tragic situations. This list is about weather natural disasters but I think the psychology is similar which is what it’s talking about.

there Are lots of sights that have info on ‘prepare not panic’ including the coolmompicks home page

And this one from pbs

my favorite discipline technique’s tweak on thsee ideas and specific info on how to alter the ideas for developmentally appropriate language for littles and sensitive kids...

so in the links it basically says to...

1 get guidance and info from experts and be honest with kids

2 be sensitive to both developmental and person anxieties— being honest does not mean all the info

3 look for the Helpers like Mr Rogers says

4 make a plan and prepare, involve the kids at their level

5 find a way for your child to help out... themselves, you, those in need

6 relax And/OR Breathe

I’ll post things below to help with the list

I have to check to see how to do this safely. ... Have kids make & send letters/pictures to nursing facilities or to those you know are isolated. I don’t have addresses yet but I’ll find them and post later. maybe sanitize, maybe uv, maybe a waiting period, may hange them on the outside of a window- I’ll try to find out.

here is a suggestion from our very own Deanna Smith who does our yoga events, has an anxitious kid, and works professionally with children dealing with trauma. It as a book to read with your kids about C-19 Telling stories, Reading stories. Stories are an ancient way to entertain and inform and guide. Here is a link with

songs/music too are an ancient form of comfort. This is from YoYoMa

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