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  • Sally Dancy

Time…why you punish me

Not just the words to a song (Time by Hootie and the Blowfish - which gives you a clue to my age).

But it's so true! Whether it's the never ending nap times of the baby year(s), the parental torture of daylight savings. Time can be difficult to parent through.

Here are my 2 cents about sleep & schedules. No matter what sound bites or parenting "expert" you need to find what works for your family and not stress about others expectations. Every baby and family is different and no matter what anyone tells you there is no one way to anything and sleep is no different. There have been a lot of studies but the results are decidedly mixed. And if there is anything they cumulatively tel us is that whether you choose a strict schedule or prefer attachment sleeping, as long as you respond to your child's needs they will be ok. Having said this there are specific neurology / conditions that may require a particular technique. Personally I had a child who had sleep terrors, one who preferred a regular schedule, one who was an incredibly light sleeper, and one who needed less sleep them the guides say. So it's not that you shouldn't try the "expert" suggested schedule- just remember that humans rarely fit into one box. Not even when we are babies. So experiment and do what works for you!!

Here are a few links....

Specific notes on daylight savings disruptions

Notes from Sesame Workshop on naps & transitions

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