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Updated: Mar 16, 2020

So I always have a Post for this every month

But this month is a bit different. As many have to grapple with isolation (self imposed or otherwise, I am going to be addressing this. I will also be posting information about classroom closures and class options going forth this month. Right now I have only one link below but it will group so check back!! In this post and for new posts.

in the mean time... Sing Play Breath

keep calm and sing on! Here’s an inspirational video from Italy with people taking to their windows and balconies to share a song... here’s a funny but also inspirational video. we need caution, calm, & a good attitude

A funny cover/parody of a popular song from someone in HongKong

when you feel the need to ’preform’ during hand washing

creative way to visit those in isolation

songs of confort from YoYoMa

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