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Weather Policy

Updated: Jan 24

Kindermusik in the rain, wind, cold, & heat.

Reminder of our weather policy... studio usually follows the local ISD’s for opening/closing for weather (SCUCISD in Cibolo, NBraunfelsISD for NB classes). It’s warm in the classroom so unless the roads are not safe I stay open. Having said this I respect anyone says person decision based on their own needs- contact me if you have any questions.

The area has many low water crossings try to scope out alternative routes ahead of time.

In Cibolo if both ends of Wiedner Rd are closed, you can access my studio through the BuffaloCrossing subdivision. From 1103 take Buffalo Crossing to Ramsdale Way- NOTE: sometimes they place a barrier at the stop sign of Wiedner & Ramsdale or right at my driveway. Be assured that it is legal to enter my driveway from the intersection of Wiedner & Ramsdale because the low water is actually down the road. Having said this, don't enter flowing waters- turn around don't drown).

You can see my regular schedule on

Any changes are posted on my blog (here), on my studio Facebook group, and I send emails to the class roasters (I mostly use group text in emergency/time sensitive situations- and you must have it toggled on in your account).

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