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When times are traumatic

Updated: Jan 9, 2021

I personally have had a difficult year and I know I’m not alone. Here we are just the first week of January in 2021, we all hoped for less trauma but another wave has arrived for many. Kindermusik and my studio are committed to help children and parents and families So I want to reshare some of the resources I have found for you and your children...

first a page called Trauma Informed Parent on Facebook has tips like this and more

NPR often has good resources

like this list of children’s books that help you with difficult conversations

or this article that talks about managing your child’s questions & exposure to trauma

Sesame Street also has really good resources. They even have resources specifically for military families or for specific situations like natural disasters. Here is a video about scary things on TV...

One of my favorite places for general Parenting skills, techniques, and resources is Conscious Discipline. There are also a leading trainer for teachers and they often focus on how to handle difficult behavioral issues including those that stem from processing trauma.

And remember music and movement are always there for you as tools to help your brain and body- in this context, helping you manage and process emotions and stress. In fact music can help us with so much, including helping us understand and respect each other.

Kindermusik isn’t the only group that believes this. So does the National Endowment of the Arts, multiple pediatric & medical organizations, and even the Commander of the USAF band.

In a couple of weeks it will be #nationalhugday and #mlkday . Hugs/touching are an important tool we use to connect and support each other and our children. So I’ve decided to start talking about hugs & love now and how they can be used with music to help us not only feel better but also to open the mind to new development. As Martin Luther King said, “Only Love can... drive out darkness” (paraphrased for brevity)- not just pretty philosophy but also scientifically valid.

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