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Why Kindermusik? Musically,Developmentally, More

Updated: Jan 22, 2023

For anyone looking for reasons for Kindermusik (as a curriculum) or KindermuaikbySally (as a specific program, teacher, studio). I have lots of info for you!!!

Look below...

First before you go to a specific link or page to help you answer that question, there are so many reasons... •musical, •developmental, •quality books & music & support, •community, health & safety, location...


Are you looking for the best way to lay a musical or artistic or creative foundation for your child? Kindermusik does that and I as a musician and artist can provide a nurturing environment, guide/educator, and community for you. Here is a link to an article from 'Today' which talks about 7 ways to raise a musical child (which Kindermusik supports)


Music has been shown to be helpful in all kinds of development especially all aspects of early development- that's one reason why it's been successful for generations in preschool environments with a variety of cultures, brain & body diversity, and structures.

As an educator I've become particularly aware of how language & communication in general is impacted by music. Here is an article from

'Parenting Science' that talks specifically about how music helps with language development in babies...

There are of course other aspects of development like physical, mathematical, social, emotional that also are impacted by using music. I have other posts on my blog that address those.

•Quality music, books, and other resources.

Kindermusik blends the best of time honored and modern needs. Kindermusik has been around for over 40 years and based it's first classes in highly successful traditions but has also stayed relevant with new research and modern needs. We have great physical materials, highly trained & experienced in-person educators blended with modern technology and brain science. I myself (educator & studio) am also a bit of a blend in that same respect.

I have different posts & pages to discuss the different tools including....

Kindermusik AtHome books, instruments, and take home sheets. I/my studio also have extensive in class materials and a studio library you can utilize.

Kindermusik's AtHome app, website, YouTube channel for streaming music, books, videos/activities . I/my studio also have a variety of digital tools to help support you at home- pages on a variety of platforms, blog, private social media group, even zoom.

•Community, Health & Safety, Locations.

I have 2 locations - one is a NewBraunfels church, the other is on my acreage in Cibolo. I cultivate a community that is flexible and familiar, with inside and outside spaces, prepared with diversity and inclusion in mind. I'm a bit of a combination of low tech & high tech, rural & modern, art & wellness & science. Kindermusik is a flexible curriculum and I am a bit of unique creative individual/studio- fitting for Texas I think😉

Again I have lots of different post on this blog or pages on my website where you can get an idea of our vibe (for lack of a better word) here at KindermusikbySally. And of course you can always reach out to me for a personal conversation

.here are mentions from a few KindermuaikbySally families...

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