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  • Sally Dancy

Why we dance

Dance is an important part of art AND Kindermusik class. Gross motor exploration, Exercise, physical Musical exploration & skills, Family & Social connection. Humans have been using dance to do these things since the beginning of culture.

A 3-minute dance break can change EVERYTHING. After running errands, after school, before dinner, after increases seratonin and decreases cortisol, putting little bodies back in balance and tapping into just about every area of development.

Here's a video with a kindermusik dance & some reasons why it's so important

Dance is for all!!

If you struggle with communication issues, try musical play. Special grownup + the power of music = a safe place to show how you feel.

the following for more on this

FB: @parents; @BeaMoise,MS,BCCS

INS: @parents @achildlikemine

TW: @parents @AChildLikeMine

AND Love watching little spirits come alive through dance! #judithjamison

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