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WinterSpring AtHome Books,Instrument Options

Updated: Feb 17

•As always enrolled families can access the Kindermusik app & website for digital access of music, books, videos for parents, digital instruments

•Fliers or manipulatives/crafts are sent home weekly. See seporate post for themes, albums, parenting tips, crafts.

•Below I have pictures and lists of the physical books & instruments to pick from for WinterSpring.

Every family enrolled (and paying) can pick one physical book & instrument (listed below from youngest to oldest, Musicians class at the very end)...

Instruments include...

Scarf of various colors- all ages

Baby mirror- Not pictured but available for order for any age including newborn

Baby bell- from 3 months

Shape Jingle bells- from 10montha

Clip Clap- from 10months

Train Whistle- over 2yos

Wearable Jingle Bells- over 2yos

Stir Xylophone is only available for older classes or extra fee/limited supply - over 2yos

Books good for Infants and babies

ZoomBaby black/white/red (note this book is heavyweight paper)

All rest of books are board books

ZoomBaby in colors

Birds of a Feather


(Not pictured but coming for late spring... Cock-a-Doodle Moo)

Books good for babies of all ages and young toddlers

HickoryDickeryDock (in heavyweight paper or board book)

The following are all board books

This Little Train

The Rhythm of the Day

Twinkle Twinkle/Family Around


DreamBillowLullaby (hardcover with paper pages)

(Not pictured but coming for late spring... I wenttoVisitFarm/BigReBarn)

Books good for toddlers of all ages

Pete&PJ/HelloDay (available in heavyweight paper or board book)

Rest are all heavyweight paper




Time for Lunch



(Not pictured but coming for late spring... 5 Goats, PetParade, Animal Serenade)

we have a couple of books that are good for our WinterSpring themes that are out of print but I have a limited number left

Bouncing on the Bed

Can you Catch Me

Bath Time (this one is light paper but also has activities)

Books good for PreK - these are all light paper and include activities with the story



(Not pictured but coming for late spring... CowsinKitchen)

Good for PreK to School age

HurryHomeLittleKittens (heavyweight)

Noodles from Scratch (heavyweight or lightweight with activities)

Papageno'sFeathers/SingaStory (lightweight with activities)

The Duel (heavyweight)

Under the Rainbow (lightweight with activities)

(Not pictured but coming for late spring... QuiterInstrument/JumpingBeans)

Activity and musical score books

Fiddle Dee Dee for all age toddlers, variety of Farm & Pet themes

Milk & Cookies for all age toddlers, variety of home & food themes

Toys and Trips for all age PreK, variety of toy and travel themes

Weather for all ages PreK, variety of weather & farm themes

For level 4 students receive a backpack and can choose a book (pictures above for PreK & school age) instruments from

Lumi sticks, a drum, a tambourine, a harmonica, resonator bars (pictures coming)

For Young Musicans class

All students receive glockenspiel in their first semester. For future semesters can choose from...dulcimer, recorder, or Level 4 instruments. All students receive a book and manipulatives for the games, musical scores, and musical stories/poems.

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