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different instruments have different purposes and advantages… some wind instruments are small & easy to travel; guitars (other strings) can adapt to a more modern & diverse sound and are also not too hard to travel; but pianos can provide a rich diverse sound, the many pitches, and are perhaps the most flexible for all genre.

I love pianos (although I’m more of a vocalist) because they are better for young learners (and amateurs) to hear notes and see musical structure so music can be more accessible to everyone. But until recently they were just too heavy to be easily portable. Now new digital tech has begun to provide better sound in lightweight keyboards so I expect a resurgence in the coming years.

I include keyboards in my classroom exploration.

Here is an article with some piano history including a 2018 world record and why 88 keys.

I use keyboards in my classes. Not just as an instrument to explore but because they are great to visualize basic musical structure.

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