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KM Musicians, info & links

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

New #kindermusikmusicians 2 year program for 5-8 yos updated, designed to create a foundation for future Music & Arts.

Teaches the way children learn - with movement, play, exploration; in social situations with family & friends.

A variety of instruments including #voice #keyboard #piano #stringinstruments (like ukulele & dulcimer) #windinstruments (like recorder, harmonica ) #percussion (glockenspiel, drums, shakers, bells, and more).

Learning theory, notation, improvisation, ensemble, storytelling, history/genres, and more. Curriculum designed by a leader in early childhood music education, taught by a specialist in early childhood arts & accredited educator.

In class with others at their age/level & with adult love & support they learn rituals, cooperation, boundaries, class structure. We also utilize a child's bond with family by including the family at pick up AND provide home activities & tools designed to provide practice of skills (& fun) at home with family. There will also be opportunities for children to share & expand on their particular creative spark/interest.

Each term #kindermusikbysally includes family fun special events. And in the spring & fall we add a Low stress presentation where the class invites family & friends to see what they've learned in class. I like to discribe these presentations as similar to an old fashioned backyard play where the children are guided by me to produce and tell a story. The children will share their favorite activities, music, and even help create props & a story. (See pictures below which include making instruments & props, ensemble play, story telling with puppets & movement & music- inspired by classical, folk, & modern composers/artists )

Class placement requires

either Level 4 prerequisite OR consultation for placement.

Here are links to more info on Musicians...

Musicians curriculum overview

Some videos...

Using movement & connection to help with focus

Using instruments, manipulatives, and even art to understand musical concepts

Working on auditory discrimination (musical ear)

To see current schedule, go to all blog posts, and search for current season (example winter schedule )

Materials for Musicians include a book, work sheets, game pieces with musical scores, theory, history, games. An instrument per term- glockenspiel comes with first year and the recorder the second year, the other 2 of your choice. (I do not provide ukuleles for every child but if a child has one they are welcome to bring it & use it in class). Digital access (4 months per term of your child's Level ) of music, books, and games/activities for your child's Level/curriculum. And a backpack to hold class supplies.

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