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KM Musicians, info & links

Updated: Sep 16

New #kindermusikmusicians 2 year program for 5-8 yos updated, designed to create a foundation for future Music & Arts.

Teaches the way children learn - with movement, play, exploration; in social situations with family & friends.

A variety of instruments including #voice, #keyboard #piano, #stringinstruments, #windinstruments, #percussion.

Learning theory, notation, improvisation, ensemble, storytelling, more.

In class with others at their age/level & with adult love & support they learn rituals, cooperation, boundaries, class structure. We also utilize a child's bond with family by including the family in one activity at pick up AND provide home activities & tools designed to provide practice of skills and inclusion of parents/caregivers in the process (and siblings in the fun).

In each term we'll also include family fun special events. In the spring & fall we usually have a Low stress presentation where the class invites family & friends to see what they've learned in class. I like to discribe these presentations as similar to an old fashioned backyard play where the children are guided by me to produce a presentation to share. The children will share their favorite activities, music, and even help create props. (See pictures of my events below)

Class placement requires

either Level 4 prerequisite OR consultation.

Here are links to more info on Level 4 & Musicians...

Level 4 video

Musicians overview

#earlychildhoodeducation #musiclessons #preschoolmusiclessons #kindermusiclessons #lessonsforlittleones

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