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Baby Classes

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Let’s talk baby classes

age/level specific for 0-1+ (Foundations)

currently Thursdays at 11:30am in Cibolo

also starting as soon as possible

Tuesdays at 9:15am in NewBraunfels age/level specific for 1-2 (Level 1)

starting as soon as possible noon in NewBraunfels

mixed age including babies (mixedage that include 0-2)

Monday at 6pm (possibly move to 5pm by time change) in Cibolo

here’s a video preview

Classes typically last for 45 min; season is 10 weeks long.

We are using special health& safety protocols (More on that at end of post).

Baby classes are with a parent/caregiver. An environment where music facilitates community, fun, and development. Kindermusik and a professional educator guide & support you with weekly classes, digital access to music & activities & info, and a physical instrument & book that’s is coordinated to class. We support, play, sing, dance together. Our multi-sensory experiences use touch, sound, sight, vestibular stimulation. Other mature family members can also visit to enjoy making memories.

All our experiences take a child’s development into account. And the normal developmental processes of babies are honored like… the need for close contact with caretaker, mouthing safely, stimulation level, etc. Our instruments, books, activities are specially designed for a babies well rounded development. I like to say Kindermusik’s baby classes exercise mind, body, and heart.❤️ Here are some examples of what we use to provide those multi-sensory experiences…

Babies are soo connected to their caretakers. So taking care of Mom/Dad/Caretakers is an important part of Kindermusik class too. We support an adults process & concerns too- from parenting tools & tips, to social/emotional concerns, to outside interests & enjoyment.

More on health & safety protocols. We always want to provide a safe place for babies, families, parents. Protocols vary and relate to the local situation at the time but you can see my special post on health & safety for a synopsis on my process this season. As of September 2021, adults wearing masks for indoor activities. Outdoors you can choose to go maskless- we’ll go outside for some activities. Also when class is small and well distanced you can choose to drop the mask for face time activities inside (dependent on local situation).

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