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Baby Classes

Let’s talk baby classes

For Baby, Parent/Caregivers

We can provide

•age/level specific for 0-1+ (Foundations)here’s a video preview

•age/level specific for 1-2 (Level 1) here's a video preview

•mixed age including babies (mixedage that include a range from 0-2+)here's a cideo preview

To see current schedule, go to all blog posts and search for the current season (example fall schedule)

Season/term usually I ncludes 4 months of digital access; 12 weeks of inperson classes ; one physical book & instrument per term/season. Classes typically last for 45 min and are for both the baby and parent/caregiver!! For more on activities see below...

An environment where music facilitates community, fun, and development. Kindermusik and a professional educator guide & support you in class and at home. We support, play, sing, dance together.

All our classes/events take a child’s development into account. And the normal developmental processes of babies are honored in our activities and materials... I like to say Kindermusik’s baby classes exercise mind, body, and heart.❤️ examples...

In class

*explore senses- Our multi-sensory experiences use touch, sound, sight, vestibular stimulation

*move in caregivers arms AND exercising developing motor control

*intentional touch because the need for close contact with caretake for neurological needs- stimulation, co-regulation, development

*simulation level is addressed being aware of needed stimulation level (both high or low)

*developmental social & emotion processing within small group with parental support- so much of baby learning is experiencing and observing the social situation

* equipment & manipulatives use take babies development into account including the ability to mouth safely

* equipment & manipulatives include balls, scarves/fabrics, puppets/stuffies, and instruments chosen for developmental need

*special note that Kindermusik's physical instruments, books, activities are specially designed for a babies well rounded development & need.

*multi-cultural & multi-genre instrument, music, dance variety of experiences

Babies are soo connected to their caretakers. So taking care of Mom/Dad/Caretakers is an important part of Kindermusik class too!!

* We support an adults process & concerns too- from tips to social time to movement & music for both baby AND parent.

*Our classroom is a safe space/no judgment zone where we share our concerns and our interests with the , everything is cleaned (instruments, room, etc).

And to provide support AtHome, anywhere, anytime....

*Kindermusik support anytime anywhere with website & app; and my studio has multiple platforms you can access including social media, blog! And you can contact me several ways throughout the day.

For health & safety protocols- We always want to provide a safe place for babies, families, parents. You can see our website page on policies and health policies for details.

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