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LessonPrep classes/groups

Let’s talk about classes and groups designed for older young children (over 3 years old).

These classes are drop off (although we never turn away a parent who wants to stay & observe).

60 to 75 minutes total: 50-60 minutes without parent, with 5-15minutes at pickup for family sharing, home activity suggestions, & assignments.

Each season/term includes 4 months of digital access; 12 weeks of inperson classes; physical materials which may include a variety of games, crafts, activities ideas. Depending on the class there is either an assigned book & instrument OR ability to pick a physical book & instrument of your choice.

The curriculum is cumulative through 2-3 years to fully prepare children for independent music/arts lessons (including piano lessons, band, or theater arts).

Placement is done on developmentally level & need but we use age ranges for basic reference.

For 4-6 year olds using Level3/4

video previews

For 5-8 year olds using Level 5 or Kindermusik Musicians curriculum

Video preview

These classes are designed to help the young child as they become more independent and develop specific artistic skills in music, theatre/storytelling and all kinds of creative arts. Learning the language, structure, culture, and skills needed for the next step with their choosen artistic path. Still we utilize the child’s special way of learning through social group, pretend play, historical & allegorical stories, exploration orf the world, movement, and games. And we honor them looking for their own path by trying out and creating through movement&dance, a variety of instruments, and visuals (stories, props, art).

And finally we encourage them to share their creations with family & friends. Carefully supporting a love for the arts while transitioning from process to performance.

Space is very limited as we are keeping classes small. Contact us ASAP for more information and to hold a spot

To see current schedule, go to all blog posts and look up the current season (example winter schedule)

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