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Family Classes

Updated: Oct 12, 2021

Let’s talk Family classes

Child, Parent/Caregiver, Family

Mixed-age classes and classes that focus on a particular age but siblings are welcome.

*Mixed-age 0-2 (Level1)

Monday 6pm (could move to 5ish with time change) in Cibolo

*Mixed-age 1&2 (Level 1, similar age siblings only please)

Tuesday noon in NewBraunfels

*Mixed-age (Level2&3) currently the following classes have 1-4 year olds

Wednesday 10am in Cibolo

Thursday 10am in Cibolo

Thursday 6pm in Cibolo

*Mixed-age (Level2&3) currently the following class has only 2&3 year olds

Tuesday 10:30am in NewBraunfels

videos of kindermusik family classes…

Classes typically last for 60min; season is 10 weeks long.

We are using special health& safety protocols (More on that at end of post or on this season‘s Health&Safety post). Fall 2021 adults are wearing masks inside. Parental choice for children and outside activities.

In family classes children lear within the the comfort and guidance of family & friends. Toddlers and young preschoolers are a lot like Kangaroo Joey’s… they need the support of caregivers and then jump out of the metaphorical pouch of the family to explore the world all around.

*explore senses

*move to learn general concepts and coordination

*support creative development with opportunities with instrument, vocal play, imaginary play, equipment & manipulatives

* equipment & manipulatives include balls, hoops, scarves, puppets/stuffies,

*instruments include all kinds of developmentally designed percussion bells (both ringing & pitched), shakers, drums, scrapers, clackers, sticks

*stories including pretend play, physical books, musicals

*art & sensory exploration with a variety of media

*developmental social & emotion processing within small group with parental support

*professional & multicultural instrument demos

*parent tips

*AtHome ideas & materials physical & digital

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