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DancingInTheMeadowEvents Coming Soon

Updated: Mar 13

The studio meadow is starting to bud!! And it looks to be a boom year- over 50% coverage of my back 3 acres. Here’s a sneak peek of the mounds & buds of #bluebonnets, #clover , #dandelions, more

Every year #DiscoveryMeadowStudio celebrates spring by doing some class activities in our private wildflower (bluebonnet) meadow - exploring seasonal themes of animals, nature/weather, & inspirations from a variety of cultures (I'll be doing a separate post about the inspirations).

This spring we are scheduling Dancing in the Meadow events & special trial (inside) classes for infants ...

•March 13-14 (Tentatively May17) at DiscoveryMeadowStudio in Cibolo; include special guest Sandhills Trail Drivers Queen & her horse Skeeter fresh from her trail ride to SARodeo. Also all

•March 15, 20-22 Dancing in the Meadow; includes exploring the meadow in second half of class (weather permitting) or special rainy spring day activities.

•Mar 12&19 classes with the same themes in NewBraunfels but all inside.

• Mar22 & through April special Friday for all L3-5 children for makeups, extentions, prop making, instruments extentions

•May17 special Friday meet the horse & end of Spring event for all families

•infant trials will focus on 3-10months with lots of baby safe sensory experiences, parenting tips/community, dancing/exercising in caregivers arms,

•April TBA

(Look for a separate post about all the scheduling highlights and changes for Mar-May)

Join for just the Meadow events (by signing up for a Playdate)

Or for the rest of spring (term classes prorate for the rest of the season)

Here are the options I n Cibolo where our meadow is

Remember to wear appropriate clothes & shoes, bug spray or sun block as your family needs to be out in the meadow (depending on weather & time of day). There will be dirt, maybe mud, flowers&grass, and bugs. I suggest boots or shoes and clothes that can get dirty. I do have blankets, towels, whipes, and a variety of supplies for sun & bugs if needed.

Families will be able to take photos in my private bluebonnet meadow & with the horse biting the activities but also if you'd like to schedule a private time in the meadow to bring your own camera/photographer just contact me to schedule. (Special note about pictures at end of post).

Note on Rainy days- we will still have the classes but will stay inside and d focus on special rain, rainbow, and sensory swing activities

Flash backs from past DancingInTheMeadow events

I will also continue to have classes in NewBraunfels as well

Special note about pictures. Again everyone is welcome to take pictures during activities or at another time. If you want to come out privately just contact me to schedule. Please remember if you are taking pictures to avoid other peoples faces or talk to other families to make sure they can have their picture taken- please make sure you don't post pictures of other families (some families either don't want their pictures on line or may have a legal reason they can't be like with foster children).

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