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Kindermusik Materials Updating

Updated: Apr 16, 2022

Physical or Digital, Updates & More Access, Limited Time Offer Kindermusik has it’s musical ear to the ground…. They are responding to families needs to utilize digital, reduce waste, update the materials, and continued commitment to providing you with the highest quality for the most reasonable price possible. Kindermusik International is adapting to how families live and manage their lives in today’s world.

STEAMING There will be more available to you while you are registered to steam- streamline, easier to access, updated. PHYSICAL We will KEEP the flexibility in choosing physical home materials you want AND I will open a lending library for the time honored favorites.

MORE INFO Scroll below, including a limited time offer!

Limited time offer!!! Past & Current families will have until July 31st 2022 to download any digital home materials from the platform. You will also have until December to download music from using any kindermusik download cards.

New Unlimited streaming coming fall 2022. While registered you will have access to unlimited Kindermusik music & books for your child’s level starting in Aug 2022.


In 2020 Kindermusik rushed out their wonderful APP to help us through the pandemic. This app allows for music streaming anywhere. Now the APP is being updated to include BOOKS! And don’t forget the cool digital glockenspiel & other instruments that your child can play while exploring the music - again anywhere you go with your phone/tablet. Coming in the future will be more And newer content to the app.

Physical books, instruments etc:

Physical materials have been and will continue to be an important part of the Kindermusik experience! At my studio you will probably not notice much difference because I had foreseen some of this and already started to adapt. But Kindermusik International’s changes this year will allow more choices on the app and public Kindermusik store. You get to choose only the physical materials you want to minimize waste, stuff, foot prints.

Lending Library:

Another way to keep the physical materials and keep down the waste & cost. Also allows us continued access to the small number of discontinued materials.

My personal studio will be maintaining a lending library of Kindermusik materials… books, play sets, and music CDs… you are welcome to borrow AND donate to this library! The lending library allows us to keep the options up but the waste down!! This will also allow us access to old favorites that Kindermusik International has or will phase out because of supply, demand, or licensing problems. We get the best of both worlds with the lending library.. so PLeaSe help by donating to it so future generations can enjoy even as the world changes things for the company & manufacturing.

How to access Digital Platforms- website & app, & how to do the downloading NOW:

link for how to access Digital platforms

Downloading & CD’s to purchase will be phased out - but remember I have a library. This change is because the downloading option was being underutilized and fees have been rocketing. Kindermusik wants to provide a quality product for a reasonable price- we know families are on a budget. However Everyone who has current access (past & current Kindermusik families) will have until July 31st to download what you want from your account!! I encourage all past & present Kindermusik families to take advantage of this opportunity by July 31st. For those who prefer CDs, I have an extensive library of CDs and I will have them to loan out as needed.


Coming in August there will be MORE Music, Books, and developmental focus for your child at your finger tips through streaming while you are registered. While you are registered in Kindermusik classes you will have streaming access to Kindermusik‘s Complete Library for the Level you are registered. Instead of a single/few album(s) you’ll have access to all age/level appropriate albums & books & activities. You will be able to “tag” what we are doing in class or your favorites. The digital platforms- website & app - will also allow more rapid & often updates. Once you leave a level (moving up or out) you get to pick some favorites — your favorites as well as a group of all time favorites will stay on your account forever. And of course you will still have all the physical supplies you choose to pick & keep.

If you have any questions on how this will change your experience or process to download or anything please contact me personally.

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