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Rainy Day Activities

Updated: Nov 12, 2023

Rain can be elusive and fleeting in South Texas. So when it comes it can be challenging. For Parents it can mean dealing with littles who respond to the relatively new or rare sounds with anxiety and inside spaces but outside energy. In this post I will remind everyone of the activites , songs, and books that we've done in Kindermusik that can help deal with these times.

I'll be working on this post all weekend so check back for more as I add...

Remember that exploring sound, movement, play with storms can hep your child handle the unknown surrounding a new or unusual experience. So below I will share a variety of ways to do this...

Basket & blanket rides! We all have baskets/towels and laundry baskets at home and it's amazing how you can turn these into a great physical activity. From rides to hammock swinging to bear caves we've explored these objects in class so bows a great time to bring them out at home. If you haven't been on a class that does this see the video here...

For those enrolled in Kindermusik classes the Kindermusik App or website (my.kindermusik) has the following available depending on the level you're in...

Foundations Dew Drop to find the drop of water and each page

For Level 1 Eensy Weensy Spider for a song & movement game for the situation

For Level2 Pete & PJ for movements you can use with water play, or Listening Walk for ideas on listening to sounds

For Level 3 Rain Song for weather exploration

For level 4&5 Hurry Home Little Kittens for exploring weather, emotions, & connection

Down load the app here

The App has lots of musical rain & water songs. Go to 'Music' on the bottom bar; pick 'songs' from the top bar; enter rain or water in the search bar and a bunch should come up.

Rain Rain song & exploration. For younger children exploring the water or bubbles while singing rain rain go away (or "rain rain come today" if want to improvise a positive) For the lesson groups, exploring rain sounds or sing the simple song Rain Rain while playing along with bells, bars, Glockenspiel, drums, harmonica, or recorder.

Over the last month I have sent home quite a few fliers with activities on exploring rain. (I don't have the pics right now but I'll try to post them here by tomorrow).

Of course if you are adventurous and want to go outside to explore the rain we have you covered as well. Activities like Water splish, watch splash; Dr Foster; more

And if you're wondering how I handle rain and other weather events at the studio see my post on Rainy Day Policies.

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