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KI wellness from littles to parents to grands

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

See how Kindermusik reaches out to support people from littles to caregivers to grands with music & community

Here is a link with a special program KI has to bring littles and parents together with those in care homes...

The music you use when you are little makes an enduring impression on your mind and soul. And when you age it stays with you even as other things slip from your mind.

Search the internet and you'll see all kinds of stories about how music can reach those who seem unreachable. From Tony Bennett performing with Lady GaGa to a video of ballerina dancing from her wheelchair to everyday people connecting with hymns of their childhood. From birth to old age music moves us. And the music of our little years will stay with us a lifetime.

Parents & Caregivers too

For caregivers We support each other through thick and thin. The studio is a designated NoJudgement Zone, striving to listen and give experience but not to judge- there are a variety of ways to parent and although it's normal to feel strongly about our personal choices, allowing a safe space both physically and mentally for all is important to us. And as a professional I work to provide a balanced safe space, information, and resources.

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