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Prepare them for music lessons

Updated: Dec 30, 2019

Preparing kids for music lessons- Kindermusik’s process is proven and developmental. I have 20 years of experience with creative teaching. What makes us different/better? We have a curriculum and instruments designed for a child’s brain & body. We focus on teaching the way a child learns best... to their movement needs, their sensory/processing needs, their emotional needs, their social needs. We internalize understanding of music and a broad exploration of musical expression from dance to instruments to theatrical. Our instrument exploration allows children to learn how music works structurally and emotionally from many different musical families & genres. Allowing young children to experience and explore and create a broad well constructed foundation for wherever life leads them. Contact me to find out about our options and levels... family classes, small group lessons, personalized @kindermusikbysally #musiclessonsforkids #musicalkids #kidsmovement #musicalplay #kidsinstruments #kindermusikhelpswiththat #kindermusikprocess #kindermusikbysallycommunity

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