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Prepare them for music lessons

Updated: Sep 16, 2023

Preparing kids for music lessons- Kindermusik’s process is proven, developmental, and inclusive. I have over 20 years of experience with creative teaching & trained by Kindermusik which has been writing curricula & training educators for almost 50 years . But what makes Kindermusik different/better than just starting with typical lessons ?

*Materials designed for children. We have a curriculum and instruments designed for a baby's, toddler's, child’s brain & body. We focus on teaching the way a child learns best... to their movement needs, their sensory/processing needs, their emotional needs, their social needs... all on their developmental level.

*Sensory Rich Envirnment. Our sensory exploration allows children to learn how all kinds of things work- from the world to their own bodies. And specifically for music, the exploration helps with structural and emotional understanding of many different musical families & genres.

*Creativity. We internalize understanding of music and a broad exploration of creative expression. Musically we explore everything from dance to instruments to theatrical. Other creative expression is explored through art media, story telling, kinesthetic games.

*Social learning environment. A major part of learning is social. We support caregiver bounding, pier interaction, coregulation & sef regulation, team work, play, classroom structures. Even little babies learn about social expectations, boundaries, and regulation by experiencing activities in a social group.

Allowing young children to experience and explore and create gives them a broad well constructed foundation for wherever life leads them. By meeting them where they are in environments that are designed to teach the way their brain is designed to lean, gives them the best chance to learn. Contact me to find out about our options and levels... baby classes, family classes, small group lessons, personalized @kindermusikbysally #musiclessonsforkids #musicalkids #kidsmovement #musicalplay #kidsinstruments #kindermusikhelpswiththat #kindermusikprocess #kindermusikbysallycommunity

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