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Updated: Sep 17, 2022

Digital access, crafts & instruments in class, books & instruments to keep, lending library.

Kindermusik has both a website and a mobile app.

The website has activities (fall 2022 books & music) for different levels and a variety of themes for each level. All activities are designed to be done with parent or family because Kindermusik values connection as an integral part of wary development. To access website you must sign in to your Kindermusik account (provided once you register, contact Sally if you have any issues accessing your account).

I will also provide other activities at home through blog & private Facebook group while KI updates their other online activities (parenting and teaching tips, activities, games, craft ideas, field trip ideas or videos).

The app is free and has some content available to everyone. Included in this are a limited library of favorite books & songs. Also available are videos of craft ideas, If you have an account and sign in you will receive streaming access to music, book(s), digital tools specific to your classes.

Limited time Streaming & Download options…

Available till July 31st 2022, download & streaming for specific levels & themes for classes registered & attended. Download cards available till Dec 2022.

Unlimited Streaming Available from Aug 2022. ALL themes for the level/class you are enrolled for as long as currently registered.

Step by step set up and explaination of access

Physical books & instruments. Physical manipulation is very important to early childhood development so Kindermusik International has a variety of materials that are coordinated to their curricula. Materials are available for use in class AND can be purchases for use at home.

We use a wide variety of Kindermusik’s materials in class to develop physical, cognitiv, social & emotional development. Physical books and instruments are also designed for age/development and theme.

KindermusikbySally provides some physical materials to take home for all registered families. Specifics depend on level/class but a minimum of your choice of one book & one instrument in each season (3-4 month).

Lending Library. Kindermusik has been creating high quality home materials for over 40years. Through the years as our world has changed so have materials. Kindermusik is always updating to keep current & safe. But as supply&demand changes happen some materials are not available for sale anymore. For those materials (like music CD's & play kits) Kindermusikbysally keeps a lending library. Even as things change we continue to have options available for many high quality music CD’s, play sets, games, activity work books, and even story books.

Crafts, games, activities. Kindermusik has great crafts and games and activities. In class we explore a variety that are coordinated with our music for theme & age/level. In class we practice these and then you are encouraged to continue these at home for maximum fun and developmental impact. As stated with website, app & physical materials many of these are available in books, videos, kits for home use too!!

ALSO KindermusikbySally adds it’s unique expertise too. We create our own extensions, curricula, and materials (especially crafts) based on our specific skill set. We have contributors with professional expertise in sciences, arts, & education. Sally has specific expertise in fine arts, musical theater, drafting And is accredited by Kindermusik in Levels Foundation (birth) to Level 5 (young child 5-7*).

special note: Also our family business has family experience with several special communities including military, home school, disabilities/differences. This informs our studio access and inclusivity. Although no one can be perfect we try to be open, honest, and responsive.

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